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Company profile

History and development


368 Electric Equipment JSC is a designer and manufacturer:

– Designer and manufacturer 1- phase automatic voltage stabilizers with the Working- voltage range of: 135-250 VAC; 90-250 VAC; 50-250 VAC at the capacity up to 100 KVA.

– 3-phase automatic voltage stabilizers with the working voltage range of: 235-430 VAC; 160-430 VAC; 90-430 VAC at the capacity up to 1000 KVA.

– Electric water pump.

– Auto transformer, Isolated voltage reducer transformers, dry 1- phase and 3-phase step- up transformers at the capacity up to 1500 KVA. Stepless transformers, Arcing transformers, rectifying transformers…

– Design, manufacture 1-phase, 3-phase electrical transformers at the voltage up to 35kV and capacity up to 25000 KVA.

– 1-phase, 3 phase uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) for computers, CNC, medical equipments, airports, schools, universities… protect  refrigeration equipments,….

– Alternating and direct current resist rolls in industry: Arcing furnace, converter input and output, high and low voltage cabinets ( voltage up to 22kV), engine starting….

– Measuring transformers, measuring transformers up to 35kV.

– Low voltage and high voltage ( up to 35kV) adjusting automatic transformers

– Medium and low voltage cabinets, kiosk type power stations synthetic set, one pillar synthetic set power stations…

    Our ultimate goal is providing high quality products, nice design, reasonable price, in accordance with national economy development, Vietnam power network and world wide economic integration. 368 electric equipment jsc have  invested synchronous infrastructure, advanced technology equipments, testing and measuring equipments with high and reliable accuracy from world  leading power equipment countries. 368 electric equipment jsc’s products were highly appreciated by customers, always dominate price competition, quality and customer care .

    We are professional manufacturer with professional engineers and technicians with many years of experience in the field of civil and industrial power, electric equipments manufacturing and trading. Along with the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, 368 ELEC; JSC,  has confirmed the development through products with high quality and good service, satisfy customers and give to customers the true benefits when using our products.

368 electric equipment jsc. With quality products and perfect service, always expect opportunities to cooperate with domestic and international partners.


Address: An Tho – An Khanh – Hoai Duc – Ha Noi

Phone number: ( +84 )433 656 823 / 752        Fax: ( +84) 433 656 812

Email: sumoeltbd368@gmail.com

Website: www.sumoel.com or www.sumoel.com.vn